He did it…


In December 1976, Henry Padovani lands in London, with the idea of pending 2 weeks. He will stay 7 years…
In January 1977, with Stewart Copeland and Sting, he sets up a Punk band: The Police… Meetings, rehearsals, tours, hard times and split after Andy Summers arrival and a (very) short venture as a quartet. In his stride, he joins Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and, as The Police was still struggling, he manages to take them as a support band… He will kick around London, try to help Topper, set up The Flying Padovanis or The Subterraneans… In 1984, Henry joins IRS as a VP and in 1994, he becomes Zuccheros’ manager. They sold more than 10 millions albums during thei 5 years collaboration.
Whether he’s a guitarist, a record label executive, an artist manager or a post art punk rocker, Henry Padovani gives body and soul to each of his musical adventure, and always with a Corsican accent!

They told it!


Born in 1974, Lionel Guedj studied history and philosophy and is a self-taught filmmaker. His projects include “Les Rendez-Vous de la Tour Eiffel”, alongside Stéphane Bébert, a photo book by Carole Morgane which involved taking one photograph per day during one year in front of the Eiffel tower and its luminous countdown to Y2K.

In 2000, Guedj joined Corbis/Sygma press agency and was put in charge of their music department. He serendipitously began to direct films and after a request from legendary producer Ibrahima Sylla, went to Mali to direct Mandekalou, words of memory which pays tribute to the African praise-singing tradition. In 2003, he joins the Silhouette short films festival managing team, a unique outdoor short films festival in Paris.

In 2010, his feature documentary Rock’n’roll… Of Corse! premieres at the Festival de Cannes as part of the Official Selection/Out of competition. Since then he is both producing and directing and in 2012, Lionel takes over TBC productions and turns the company into an independent collective production house composed of experienced and junior producers with their respective fields of expertise.


Born in 1968, Stéphane Bébert is a musician who has his hand in all kind of pies.

At the age of 18, while pursuing his law studies at university, he creates “Top-Video”.
In 2005, he signs together with his band Les Squatters with Warner records  and writes scripts for their videos including the single “Tu es Blonde”which features Frédérique Bel, Michaël Youn…
In 2007, he starts alongside Lionel Guedj filming Rock’n’roll… Of Corse!
Since then, he also works in the theatre field  with Noëlle Perna aka Mado la niçoise, and co-writes and plays in several shows  (Prendre du plaisir à plusieurs ! Antone l’Astrobonhomme, Téléphone-Moi !…).
In 2015, he publishes « 2000/2010 », a self-portrait photo book.
Stephane also directs videos/DVD  (Les Squatters, Monsieur Poli et Sève…) and teasers.