Better, still, let Henry do the talking…

« Can you imagine the thing, all the places and all the bands in there, every night, all the time… we were in an infernal maelstrom which was eating everything up and would spit up rock’n’roll. We were hooked and we wanted more, everyday!”
(Dec. 1976, London)

« The Police that followed the original band that we had been became probably the biggest pop group in the world and gave an immense pleasure to millions of people. It allowed Sting, Stewart and Andy to dazzle us with their talent. Awesome!”
(As regard to him being sacked from the band)

« Being twenty-four and living this adventure was a gift from the heavens. I had nothing to fear.
I knew all of London and all of London knew me. I wa the Corsican, the Corsican guitarist.”
(Late 77, elected ligger of the year by City Limits)

« If it’s wet, drink it. If it’s dry, smoke it. If it moves, fuck it and if it doesn’t move, load it in the van! Nobody ever described to me so perfectly the atmosphere and the priorities of an after show dressing room!”
(Read on a wall by Barbara MacDonald, Timbuk 3)

« As soon as their planed landed, they contacted me. They came to my place in Vauxhall, and slept on the floor.”
(The Toms Cats who will later become The Stray Cats)

« I had played with Pete Townshend from The Who and with John Cale, I had met Bruce Springsteen…Ok, I hadn’t yet met with Santana, but I couldn’t care less. Frankly, I had polished up my Rock’n’roll.»
(Back in France, 1984)

« It work it all out that very day and it was one of the most beautiful moment of my life. I am very proud to have been part of this adventure, when punk rock became alternative rock.”
(Norway 1984 : VP to IRS Records launched together with Miles Copeland)

“We did have sublime encounters. There are so many that I can’t mention them all without missing some… Bono, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Pavarotti…”
(1994-1999: as regard to him being Zuccheros’ manager)

“- Stewart ? It’s Henry.
– Yeah. Mister Pa-do-va-ni !” He replied with a French accent.
“- All’s going well. I’ve started playing again.
– Fantastic ! Who’s singing ?
– Me…
– Great !
– How do fancy playing drums on one of the tracks ?
– Of course !” He’s agreed immediately. Just like that. No problem with Stewart, he’s always ready.
– Have you asked Sting ? It’ll be a sort of reforming, the original Police. “

Not so long after, Sting agreed to play and, with Steart, we reformed our original Police for the song “Welcome Home”. Un peu plus tard, Sting acceptait de jouer et, avec Stewart, on reformait le Police de nos débuts pour la chanson « Welcome Home ». It reads nearly as an omen. We had sort of come full circle.
(As regard to Henrys’ first solo album recorded in 2005: “When you believed it was forever”)