La BO du film

Henry 7076

Welcome Home (Henry Padovani). En fait c’est Sting, Stewart et Henry, le Police original…
Mais ils ont changé de chanteur !
Every Breath You Take (The Police)
Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
Scandalize my name (reprise de Paul Robeson par Henry Padovani sous l’impulsion de Jean Padovani)
Y’a plus de saisons (Henry Padovani)
J’noie mes ennuis (Henry Padovani)
Roll Over Beethoven (reprise de Chuck Berry par The Flamin Groovies)
Peaches (The Stranglers)
Emotional Blackmail (The UK Subs)
J’y vais pas tout droit (Henry Padovani)
Smash it Up (The Damned)
Ici Najac, à vous la terre (Henry Padovani)
Fall Out (The Police)
Anarchy in The UK (The Sex Pistols)
London Calling (The Clash)
I am Spartacus (Henry Padovani)
Nothing Achieving (The Police)
Visions of the Night (The Police)
Il était une fois (Henry Padovani)
Perfect Circle (R.E. M)
Revolution (reprise des Beatles par Henry Padovani)
Night Time (is the right time) (Wayne County & The Electric chairs)
Rock’n’roll Cleopatra (Wayne County & The Electric chairs)
J’attends les marines (The Flying Padovanis)
Look at the Mess (The Flying Padovanis)
Rock The Casbah (The Clash)
Complete Control (The Clash)
Message of Love (The Pretenders)
View from a bridge (Kim Wilde)
She’s not there (Carlos Santana)
So central rain (I’m sorry) (R.E.M)
Want You (The Bangles)
Dance with me (The Lords of the New Church)
Senza una donna (Zucchero)
One (Bono)
Murder (The Flying Padovanis)
Next to You (The Police)
Next to You (reprise de The Police par Henry Padovani)